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July 2013

Conversation with God – Part 3

Peace of Award

After raking my brains for nearly two weeks, I finally know what I am going to write for this award post. First and foremost, thanks a million Bragadeesh Prasanna for tagging me here, you are such a dear as always!

So what do I make of this award? I thought the giver wished me with Inner Peace and wants to know my opinion on when and what gives me peace of mind.

What does Inner Peace mean to me? This was the trickiest part. Truth is, I had no clues. As usual, I went to Google-anandha for answers; did not be of faintest help, it only confused me if at all. Then I thought of Kungfu Panda and a post in those lines. Hehe… sounded pathetic even in my mind. Two of my best pals used to tell me to come to peace with myself; a phrase I have munched and masticated all these days but never have been able to digest.

And finally the answer dawned on to me! It should have been dancing (rather singing) in front of my face for qutie sometime, and I had failed to notice. Music. Not just ‘telling my hobby is listening to music and having a playlist’ kind of music. But good music. To be even more specific, listening to good music. When singing gives me adrenalin, listening to music can set me at peace.When I am agitated, or whatever state of mind I am in, it can bring me back to normalcy.


I would like to pass this on the following people and hope they write about it.










Thanks Brags, guess now you know what inner peace means to me:)

– Unitl next,

Vid πŸ™‚


Train Chronicles – 1

The train was nearly empty. At one corner window seats, two people were sitting opposite to each other – one was our hero and another fellow, supposedly a railway employee, from the looks of the ID card peeking out of his shirt pocket.

Our hero started a light conversation, “Anand varalaingala inniku?”


“Railway quarters Tambaram-lendhu indha train la dhan varuvaaru. Avarum namma railway union dhanungale!”

“Theriyaliye..” Which is exactly when the ticket checker chose to enter the scene. Our hero diligently produced his ticket.

Ticket checker said, “Enna sir idhuΒ  Tambaram lendhu TrichyΒ  vara nu potrukku ticket la?”

“Aama sir naan Trichy dhan poganum, Chozhan express la…”

“Pinna indha pakkam porenga?”

“Egmore la poi seat pidikkanume, adhukku dhan…”

“Appo Egmore ku ticket enga?”

“Naan poga vendiyadhu Tambaram lendhu Trichy dhanga… Enna en veedu Tambaram… Seat pidikka mattum dhan naan Egmore poren…”

“Neenga 2 thappu pannirukkenga. 1 – First class la yeri irukkenga. 2 – neenga ticket vechirukka direction lendhu edhir direction la porenga… So, neenga Egmore vara ticket eduthutu, anga poi Trichy vara ticket edukkanum, purinjudha!”

“Ada ponga sir puriyama pesurengale… Tambaram lendhu Trichy porathukku edhukku Egmore vara ticket edukkanum?!”

“Station vandhuduchu konjam erangarengala… Fine kattanum!”

Indha azhagula, namma hero-vukku railway employee pola bandha vera!

– Until next,

Vid πŸ™‚


My relative had written a tamizh poem and we were discussing it. The poem had a reference to how 14 parts of your body touches the ground when you prostrate in front of God. I had to ask, “male-chauvenism even in falling at feet?” FYI, atleast in Tambrahm ways, men fall entire stretch while women fall knees folded.

Dont worry, I am not going to talk about the usual male-female discrimination here. But I certainly believe that falling at someone’s feet should be the choice of each individual. Be it the wifey doing it to the husband (or vice-versa like in Piriyamanavale movie!) is a mark of respect and love that person has to their partner. Which means that it is again their choice to do so. What rights do these people around you have to ask a bride to fall at the groom’s feet during a wedding! :O

I used to attend a lot of music competitions in school. One such time, when I was declared winner in a particular category, we were asked to attend the annual function of that Sabha and the prizes will be given there. On the day, just before going to the dias, everyother elder on back stage told us… correction, compelled us to get blessings from the person who is giving away prizes. I was shocked for a minute. Then I realized that this fellow was some spiritual guru in saffron robes! 😦 Fine, but why compel? I wonder…

There used to be this temple near home that I used to visit often. An uncle there (he is no more) used to bless all the devotees coming to the temple. I have never felt a hesitation on getting his blessings ever, reason being I know him fairly well, and for sure can vouch that he will wish only well for me. And again, as it is customary in my music class, we used to sevichu-fy the teacher every class – again something acceptable because these people know better than us and are giving us their knowledge.

Whereas on this other occasion, there was a family function. There were all this relatives, cousins of previous generations and their family, all present. And right before the end, all the kids were asked to prostrate in front of all the elders! I did not even know half of them by name. So I silently tried to escape. But I was kind of forced to, and I did not want to make a fuss. But what went through my mind when I fell was – are they actually blessing me!?

Fall at the Feet :P
Fall at the Feet πŸ˜›

– Until next,

Vid πŸ™‚

Varsha’s day out

Mama woke me up telling we are all going to Mysore boo. Yeah!!!! I was going to see crocodiles and birds and tigers and lions… And Papa and Chithi were also coming. I ate porridge watching Chota Bheem. Then Papa gave me bath and Mama put on a new pink dress and pink hair band and matching chain. I thanked God for everything and fell down and prayed.

Then we started in car. Papa was driving the car and Chithi and Mama sang songs. The road was very beautiful and I saw cows, big building and color color flowers.

We stopped at a roadside tea shop where Papa went to buy water bottle. Mama and Chithi took me to the opposite grove and I saw many coconut trees. And I saw one… two… three cows. And the cows said maaa. Then Chithi showed so many lambs eating grass. They were white and black lamb also. The baby ran away but then went back to the mama lamb. One kind aunty got us a baby lamb. My mama held the baby lamb in her hands and we took photos. Then Mama gave baby lamb to Chithi. She held it and I patted and said Hi, how are you? Mama also took photos.

Then I slept all the way to Mysore. Mama woke me up to go for boating. There we waited in one long line and got into boat. The boatman said don’t touch the water, big big crocodiles come; there are eighty crocodiles in water! Then Chithi and Papa showed me three crocodiles. The crocodile was sitting on rock and it was opening its mouth and it was sleeping. Then we saw many many birds and cranes and pelican. But I wanted to see more crocodile and tiger and touch the water.thumb_COLOURBOX1274087

We wentimages one big round and got down the boat. After the the crocodile will close its mouth and wake up. Then it will jump into the water …. shhhhh …. and then it will get fully wet, and it will drink water. Then it will come out and bite you Papa, if you dont get me icecream. So Papa got me pink icecream and yellow icecream. So crocodile went back and saw the tiger and they became best friends. Then it will become caterpillar crocodile!

Mama said that we were going to goto waterfalls and Varsha will do chappi chappi in the water. Finally they took me to dam and showed me water falling (read as fountains). Then I slept on the way back home. And me, Mama, Papa and Chithi all got home happy-faced!!!! πŸ™‚

– Until next,
Varsha (I mean, Vid πŸ™‚ )

16. Mohanam

After Nattakurinji, for a fitting finale, I could not have chosen anything better than Mohanam. One will have the feeling of having lived life King size after listening to this raga; it is that grand and fulfilling.

Mohanam belongs to the family of Harikamboji with 5 swaras in scale – S R2 G3 P D2 S / S D2 P G3 R2 S

Mohanam is the oldest ragam known to mankind, according to Dr. S. Ramanathan’s doctoral dissertation. It can be sung in any phase of the concert, proving to be the all-time raga that it is. Also called as Bhoop / Bhoopali in hindustani, this raga is used to denote bravery; it is used in Chinese, Japanese and Swedish music it seems.

A favourite of trinity and contemporary composers alike, mohanam holds a lot of kritis to its credit:

Thyagaraja’s Bhavanuta, Dhayaranee, Mohana Rama, Nannupalimpa, Evarura Ninnuvina …

Dikshitar’s Rajagopalam, Narasimha Aagacha, Gopika Manoharam (by Ambi Dikshitar) …

Papanasam Sivan’s Kapali …

Annamayya’s Cheri Yashodhaku …

Arunachala Kavi’s Yen Palli Kondeerayya …

Oothukkadu’s Swagatham Krishna …

GNB’s Sada Palaya (Sa Da Pa are the same notes) …

Maanikka Veenai Endhum from unknown composer …

For a complete understanding and enjoyment of Mohanam, please listen to this blend of instruments by Lalgudi Jayaraman, Ramani and Venkatraman – playing violin, flute and veena respectively. (performed in 1967)

Some very interesting compositions from the myriad of movie songs I had to choose from are:

  • Aaha Inba Nilavinile from Maaya Bazaar
  • Pazhaga Theriya Venum from Missiyamma (writing this suppressing the feminist in me!)
  • Giridhara Gopala from Meera
  • Paadumbodhu Naan Thendral Kaatru from Netru Indru Naalai
  • Ninnukori Varnam from Agni Natchathiram
  • Kanmaniye Kaadhal Enbadhu from 6 ilirundhu 60 varai
  • Vaan Pole Vannam from Salangai Oli
  • Porale Ponnuthayi from Karuthamma (influence)
  • Pakkadhe Pakkadhe from Gentleman
  • The Chinese song in 7am Arivu …

In the striking voice of Ghantasala and P. Leela, Aaha Inba Nilavinile…

A special thanks to dad (for equipping me with most of the knowledge that I have said and teaching and singing along in all the recordings), (main reference) and to everyone else for your encouragement.

– Until next,

Vid πŸ™‚

15. Nattakurinji

And this is the penultimate raga – NΒ  for Nattakurinji, after a detailed Brindavana Saranga.

Nattakurinji is a child raga of Harikamboji. It is very vakra (zigzag) in usage.

Aarohanam: S R2 G3 M1 N2 D2 N2 P D2 N2 S

Avarohanam: S N2 D2 M1 G3 M1 P G3 R2 S

Nattakurinji, I feel is ruggedly beautiful, say like a trek route, in its nuances πŸ™‚ Classical songs in this raga include –

Budhamashrayami, the navagraha kriti for Wednesday, by Dikshitar

Parvathi Kumaram Bhavaye by Dikshitar

Kuvalayadala Nayana by Thyagaraja

Ekkalathilum by Ramasamy Sivan

This soundcloud link has me singing a song Parvathi Kumaram by Muthuswamy Dikshitar.

Maybe because it should be identified very precisely, this raga has not been handled that much in movies. But those evident pieces of work are:

Kavalayai Theerpadhu Naatiya Kalaye from Shivakavi… wherein the last line goes “…raagathil sirandhadhu naatakurinjiye…”

At Chitra’s best and in all shades of blue and green, Kannamoochi Yenada from Kandukonden…

And the last post will be M for …

Until then,

Vid πŸ™‚

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